You will learn Ugandan and African dances .These particular dances and rhythms have been passed through generations and they are wonderful body postures that help improve balance, coordination, fitness and reduce stress. They are also a great team building tools and will help improve self esteem. 

        In most of our dances you learn to dance with your waist, pelvis and the feet,  while the chest and shoulders wouldn’t be moving. You will learn how to dance with your lower body while the above part of the body is still.

Joseph Matovu: African Dance Teacher


 Joseph was born in a traditional Ugandan family.  Tribal and Christian music has always been a part of my family, owing to the absence of toys and TVs during my childhood, I started drumming at a very young age.  Our childhood evening camp fires included drumming, singing, dancing and story telling.  The two tiny drums went around our small group of 10-20 children, with the guidance of professional drummers, dancers and storytellers who usually turned up at these gathering.  I picked up professional tactics and the passion for music and African Drumming.Traditional stories was another activity they performed for us. In school I furthered my music and passion and was chosen to be the “Choir Master”.  We held different school competitions both local and national, we won Triumphantly.   I have performed at various cultural events and ceremonies  E.g. Birthdays, Engagement Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Corporate functions, Festivals, Churches schools and Universitie Joseph is now residing in Brisbane Australia teaching African Drumming, Dance and Culture.